Your Food Is Medicine: Healthy Foods for Healthy Life

Your Food Is Medicine“You are what you eat” so many people have said these and so many people have proven this to be true. Everything that goes inside your body will reflect on the outside and it will affect your health as well. It is very important to remember that the food that you eat will determine the kind of condition you will be in years from now.

Some people think that you don’t have to worry about the food you eat until you’re old. This should never be the case because once you reach a certain age, you will have to understand that whatever condition you are in, is because of how you ate during your childhood and adult life. That being said, your food is medicine. It is the cure and the ultimate solution for eliminating any diseases that might occur during any of the three stages in life: childhood, adulthood and old age.

What Should I Eat?

In order for you to achieve that, you have to eat healthy. This means that you have to eat right and have good eating habits. This is never always easy especially when food can sometimes be irresistible but just remember to eat healthier and less junky. In order to eat healthy, you need to choose the right kind of food; food that is not only healthy but you will enjoy eating as well.

The first healthy food that you should really eat is broccoli. Broccoli has two of the most important bone-building nutrients namely Vitamin C and Vitamin K. It can also lessen the chances for cancer cells to surface. It is better to microwave it rather than steaming it because you can take advantage of its nutrients more, especially Vitamin C. Always remember to include this in your balanced diet meals for effective and efficient results.

Salmon is also very healthy. It is rich in omega-3 acids that have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and depression. A small portion of salmon has over fifty percent of niacin which protects you from memory loss.

Another healthy and really scrumptious food is potato. We know that potato can be made into fries and all things greasy but it can also give a healthier impact when used in healthy meal plans. Using red potato for example in any meal contains about sixty-six micrograms of cell-building folate and is very rich in Vitamin A which you need every day if possible. It can also burn about twenty-five percent of fat if you let it cool down before eating. This is because of the fat-resistant starch mechanism in sweet potatoes.

If you are starting to have problems in seeing, it’s time to start working on your spinach meals. Spinach contains zeaxanthin and lutein. These are antioxidants that will help keep your eyes healthy. It is also the perfect prevention for cancer.

Beans are also part of the low fat foods category. They come in all sorts and sizes but they have one very important role to play when it comes to people with heart problems and even more on those who don’t. When eaten on a regular basis, they help reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. It also has ore antioxidants than we could ever expect in other healthy food. I’m talking about black and white bean hulls.

This I’m sure will put a smile on your face: dark chocolate. The rich texture and powerful taste it has to it can really help save lives in the millions. It can reduce blood pressure for individuals who have high blood pressure and can help your heart stronger as well. It is abundant in flavonoids which are antioxidants that turn bad cholesterol into good ones.

Lastly, we have lemons. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which will really help boost your immune system and your bones, too. It has antioxidants called citrus flavonoids that act as an anti-inflammatory that eliminate the possible growth of cancer cells. Add this to your green tea drink and you are healthier than you can ever be.

The list does not end here. There are so many healthy foods that give you a better life and at the same time can act as your medicine to lessen the chances of getting sick more often and earlier in life where you get to really enjoy being alive. Never risk your health for anything. It’s the only thing that will help you reach the age where you have already fulfilled your purpose in life and have already lived it to the fullest. Make sure to exercise so that you will be healthy inside and out. Cheat days are given but never let it get the best of you. Always choose to eat healthy.